About Tallinn City Walks

Dear traveller, thank you for your interest in Tallinn City Walks! TCW is an independent owner-operated local service offering private tours, shore excursions, and sightseeing walks in the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn.


The tour programmes have been developed over the course of many years drawing additional insight from town museums and special purpose encyclopedias to make the walks ever more intriguing and fascinating. Also, constant customer feedback makes sure the tour content remains engaging at all times.

Customer satisfaction is the focal point of all TCW doings. Regardless of whether you arrive on a cruise ship, take a day trip from Helsinki on the ferry, or plan to stay here for a longer period of time, TCW is committed to providing the most relevant itinerary personalised to your individual interests.

To have an idea what's there to see in this town, head over to "tours" and browse the selection. Welcome to Tallinn!

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